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A day in Fort Worth – my way

Fort Worth is so close to Dallas, yet so far. I love to go there have a lunch at The Cafe Modern in the Museum of Modern Art. The view of the pool with its steel sculpture is just a setting you can’t get in Dallas. But, the visitors are much more interested in the cow town traditions, since Fort Worth still embraces its Western heritage and traditional architecture and design. A perfect day, Alexal way:

10AM – Start on the Design District
The best museums in Dallas are in.. Fort Worth. Start by the Kimbell Art Museum, where you can find modern pieces but also antiquities from all over the world. Just across the street, the Museum of Modern Art Fort Worth is composed of five pavilions of concrete and glass set on 11 naturally landscaped acres, including a 1.5 acre reflecting pond. Beautiful. Beaufitul. The Modern maintains one of the foremost collections -3,000 works- of postwar art in the central US. Oil money, I suppose.

Me and a friend Tatiana Foresta, after a visit at the Forth Worth Art Museum followed by Mint drinks

1PM – Time for lunch
Fort Worth best spot for lunch is still at the museum. The Cafe at the Modern Art serves salads, appetizers and delicious hamburgers in a all glass window restaurant. So civilized you forget you’re in Texas. Sorry. Another spot, less modern and much more cozier is Lili’s Bistro, at Magnolia Avenue. The street has become one the most gourmet neighborhoods of the city in recent years. For just 12 bucks you can choose between chicken, tabouli, wedge salads and many other options. Just too bad that on my recent visit the pita breads were cold and stale. For a patio lunch, locals head to Joe’s T Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant where margaritas and lines are famous. Ribs? Railhead BBQ is your spot.

Lili's Bistro, at Magnolia Avenue, is an easy choice for an informal lunch.

Supposedly the best ribs in town, Railhead BBQ is packed on the weekends

4PM – La dolce far niente
La siesta. Ah, how nice it would be if the famous Sundance Square, in downtown, had a beautiful coffee shop for an afternoon expresso coffee. Not the case. Make yourself comfortable at the Starbucks on Houston’s street and look at those who swing by: college students doing assignments, a couple of homeless here and there and girls on cowboy boots. Tons of them. A good stretch is also to take a walk till the Milan Gallery, where there’s always some good exhibit.

Quiet view from the downtown Starbucks

Girls drive the strip in downtown Fort Worth - cowboy boots are a must have.

7PM – Oh! Dinner time
There’s no other place you should be dining tonight but Ellerbe Fine Foods, on Magnolia Avenue. Great ambience with candle light. Check. Organic, fresh and comfort food. Check. On a recent visit I had the best stuffed quail of my life. And I’m an avid quail eater. Hands down to the bread and attentive service. Just one negative point: they’re not in Dallas!


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Nice little stores during a weekend shopping in Dallas

In the sunny days of August, I’d rather be a the pool the entire weekend. But, sometimes, you don’t have a choice and errands need to be done. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Prosciutto only at Jimmy’s, wine at Cork, cheese at Scardello, lychee at a thai grocery store. Believe it or not. Dallas, the city with more shopping malls in the US, is full of little guetto places to be explored. Forget about Whole Foods and Central Markets and dive in the hidden places of downtown.

Jimmy’s Food Store
What I love about Jimmy’s is that everything is messy and deliciously homy. Old style market where the owners get to know you if you’re a frequent customer and where fantastic prosciutto and parmesan cheese are sold for the half of the price than Whole Foods. Sometimes, they have burrata directly from Italy. Cheap wine selections and homemade tomato sauce are the other advantages.

Jimmy's Food Store - the best italian grocery in Dallas

Jimmy's is messy as we like it.

Thai Oriental Food Store
Came for lychee cans and fell in love with their asian charisma (quiet, dirty, messy). Doesn’t have the huge selection of other asian markets, but it’s close enough to Uptown for a quick fix.

Thai Food Store - little hidden gem

Thai Food Store - messy as we like it

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My favorite shopping destinations in Dallas

Dallas is considered the city with the most shopping centers in US. Where this information comes from, I have no idea. But here, shopping is taken seriously. For the first time in my life I listened to guy friends saying: I’m hanging out at the mall. What? The obvious choices are NorthPark Mall (the biggest in Texas) with Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Tiffany’s and the big Nordstrom, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus among others. Smaller and less luxurious is the Galleria Mall where I go for shirts at the english Thomas Pink and new less pricey clothes at Zara.

Highland Village Park at night

If you want to escape from the malls but still find the nice stuff splurge at the Highland Park Village (reportedly the first shopping mall in US) where Hermés, Chanel and Vince attracts wealthy middle-age couples from all north Texas. For girls like me, some browsing at Anthropologie and a fast salad at Café Pacific. Avoid Patrizio’s, which has a nice patio but mediocre pastas. From here, head to West Village. We need some Banana Republic after Chanel to bring us to reality. Do some people watch at Taco Diner and Mi Cocina but don’t waste your time with this type of Dallas crowd (guys with perfect biceps, blonde girls with fake boobs) and have a glass of wine at Cork, just across the corner. That’s a serious wine shop with well trained servers. One must rest in peace after practicing its fav sport!

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Moody nights in Dallas

After being euphoric in Dallas, I’ve been very moody lately due to personal reasons that I will save you from hearing. In these 40 days I’ve been far from here, a lot has happened, such as mochas at the Pearl Cup (still the best expresso in the city), beers at Capitol Pub and endless Diavolas pizzas as Campania. According to my Foursquare, I had 60 nights out and 195 check ins in the last 60 days. Not bad. So here we go: a little opinionated review of the latest places I’ve been:

Barr Pool – SMU
This pool is probably one of the reasons I love this city. Excellent coaches,  open olympic pool always clean and in the right temperature. The showers aren’t new but aren’t bad either. In the middle of the SMU University, I feel young again (and that’s really useful).
Address: 6025 Ownby Dr / Dallas,TX 75275

The Pearl Cup
In a world dominated by Starbucks, I feel good having a latte where people are not trained to greet me amicably. Arrive early to get the rounded table but the window. Excellent light during sunset. I wish they had more desserts. Probably it’s good they don’t.
Address: 1900 North Henderson Avenue Dallas, TX 75206-7320 – (214) 824-9500
Open Mon-Sat 6am-9pm

The Library Bar
Get an old hotel, put some comfy leather chairs at the bar, hire a tall jazz singer  and it’s done. You’ve attracted all middle-age couples for their last drink before bedtime. Old style, bad food, very decent martinis.
Address: 3015 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, TX 75219-4134 – (214) 224-3144

Le Creuset, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Ann Taylor, Nike at Allen Premium Outlets
I love shopping, I love an outlet. But the Allen Premium Outlets is anything but premium. Get yourself into the air conditioned Nordstrom at Northpark Mall. Will be worth it the extra bucks. Believe me.
Address: 820 West Stacy Road Allen, TX 75013  – (972) 678-7000

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And people say Dallas is boring

My weekends can’t fit all the activities I plan. And I don’t  even have enough time to tell you everything I’ve been doing. Here, in photos, some of my good experiences in the last 7 days.

An NBA Playoff game is exciting. And I love the fact that it’s so organized (compared to games in general in Brazil) and that you can drink wine. Ok, I know that beer suits better. But we’re the wine type of girl.

Tacos El Guero were the BEST tacos I’ve ever had outside of Mexico. And that’s not a small glory. Check it out!

I love the new. I love the old. I started my shopping spree last saturday by checking out the stuff that Alissa Gearing carefully selects for her Re-Finery bazaar. Every six weeks she spreads the word out and gets tons of girls avid for bargains on Jimmy Choo, Saks and other brands. Me and a Elizabeth & James little black dress was love at first sight! Love the colorful belt from below.

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