10 Days in Jequitinhonha – Taking the kids to the pool

I know. This blog is about my life in Dallas. But nothing more strange than my life in Dallas than comparing it with my life in Jequitinhonha, where I came for the Holidays. As I write this post I’m being a nanny for my little cousins. I was supposed to take them all to their first swimming class but the teacher only comes on Tuesday and thrusdays. Today is wed. Instead I took them to my hotel pool, a mediocre rounded pool that was more than enough for an hour of intense activity for the children. For the first time I felt how it is to take care of children. YOU REALLY HAVE TO WATCH TEM! I thought I could read a book or browse the internet. Hahahahaha in the first 5 minutes one of them fell, the other drank a gallon of pool water. I want them to remember this as a good vacation, as it was for me when I was a kid and my older cousins would take me on motorcycles or for a ride in their cars. Btw, I discovered something about me: I don’t like to correct the kids and tell them what to do. They were so afraid of everything that having such a permissive “aunt” must have been a glory.


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