Chefs Smackdown 2010 – I wish we had more of those in Dallas

To my surprise, the Cordon Bleu Chefs Smackdown 2010 (see photos) was a really great event, even though strangely organized. We paid 75 bucks to taste four appetizers from a minievent inside the real chefs smackdown named “Restaurant Wars”, which started around 7h30 and after that, Tre Wilcox (Loft 610) and Edward Mendoza (Ocean Prime) cooked while we drank red wine for an hour. At this part of the event, we -that didn’t auctioned for one of the sits- could only vote on the presentation of the dishes while the judges ate. It was like being at home and watching Top Chef on TV. Weird. But since our money went to Ten for 10, a nonprofit organization providing clean water to Sub-Saharan Africa- it’s all good. Now, down to business in what I actually ate:

1. Butternut squash soup with honey comb and pecan mousse, Abby Team

What can possibly go wrong with a butternut squash? Too much of a safe bet from the first team. The pecan mousse wasn’t too soft and the overall dish was slightly sweeter than it should. (0 vote)

2. Arugula salad + short rib stuffed potato

It bothered me a little that the hot potato was on top of a bed of salad. Which one should I eat first? After I made my choice, couldn’t be happier with the nicely chopped and dressed salad followed by yummy baked potato. Ben Hutchison had also the smallest team, counting with the help of Le Cordon Bleu student Bertrand Davis, who was just the perfect assistant. That’s what finger food should be: simple, delicious, uncomplicated. (2 votes)

3. Wolf street chicken and waffles
by Bolla Restaurant Team

The winner of the battle evoked to the strangest combination of fried chicken and waffles, so beloved by Roscoe’s fans. It’s the first time I had the dish and was pretty happy with the rose (!) fried chicken that you could eat with your hands and toss it in the gravy. Finger food that works. Now when it comes to have a waffle after a chicken.. well… don’t count on me. (1 vote)

4. Seared scallop with roasted beet and truffled spinach puree from Northwood Club

The most beautiful dish of all four competitors, hands down. Too bad my scallop was cold, which is one of the disadvantages of being the last one on the line for the tasting. The white coconut “caviar” was a nice touch on top of the roasted seafood. More beauty was added with a fried beet slice, but unfortunately it didn’t add deepness to the plate that could have gained more richness if it was a beet purée. (1 vote)

See more photos of Chefs Smackdown 2010 Dallas here!


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