Nice little stores during a weekend shopping in Dallas

In the sunny days of August, I’d rather be a the pool the entire weekend. But, sometimes, you don’t have a choice and errands need to be done. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Prosciutto only at Jimmy’s, wine at Cork, cheese at Scardello, lychee at a thai grocery store. Believe it or not. Dallas, the city with more shopping malls in the US, is full of little guetto places to be explored. Forget about Whole Foods and Central Markets and dive in the hidden places of downtown.

Jimmy’s Food Store
What I love about Jimmy’s is that everything is messy and deliciously homy. Old style market where the owners get to know you if you’re a frequent customer and where fantastic prosciutto and parmesan cheese are sold for the half of the price than Whole Foods. Sometimes, they have burrata directly from Italy. Cheap wine selections and homemade tomato sauce are the other advantages.

Jimmy's Food Store - the best italian grocery in Dallas

Jimmy's is messy as we like it.

Thai Oriental Food Store
Came for lychee cans and fell in love with their asian charisma (quiet, dirty, messy). Doesn’t have the huge selection of other asian markets, but it’s close enough to Uptown for a quick fix.

Thai Food Store - little hidden gem

Thai Food Store - messy as we like it


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