In the search for Dallas best dive bars 2010 – Lakewood Landing

This edition of Dallas best dive bar is presented to you by Kristin Proctor, our special guest of this famous blog. Why write my view when she has said it all? Here we go:

Lakewood Landing Bar

When i walked into the lakewood landing on friday evening round 9pm and the first thing i heard was ‘hey sugar’, I couldn’t help but feel that things were starting off just right from an ambiance standpoint. indeed it was a harbinger of things to come. The lakewood landing bills itself as ‘an upscale dive’ and I can’t say i disagree. here i found for the first time all of those je ne c’est quois that one associates with the dive bar genre minus the seediness. slightly nautical theme–check. cozy booths–check. great jukebox (big star & pixies doolittle)–check. i have to say that i felt right at home here. Straightforward–but in a good way. We ate burgers–cheeseburger with jalapenos (love this TX style) and fries at a table illuminated by a double entendre bud light lamp. Stella on tap–i guess that is where the upscale comes in. Lots of writing in the bathroom. Nice outdoor deck area . Very comfortable. Neighborhoody. like this place. It’s versatile. The kind of place where you want to hang out regularly.

Lakewood certainly has style!


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