In the search for Dallas best dive bars 2010 – Cosmos

By Kristin Proctor

From the outside Cosmo’s looked pretty non-descript….an unremarkable strip mall location, with covered windows and strings of red lights lining the strucutre. Located conveniently 1 block south of the Lakewood Landing. It turns out that there was a nice cosmic surprise inside. Enter cosmo’s and you are enveloped in a kalediscope of glowing orbs. The lamp collection is remarkable.

Cosmos beautiful lamps create a nice ambience

The vibe is more loungey than bary which is a nice change of pace. A variety of different seating options and areas including some couches to suit your mood. Heavy on the visual stimulation. We drank fireman’s #4, a tasty beer from Texas hill country. Karate kid was on the TV and attracted a large and boistorous crowd towards the end–very fun. A little bit groovy. A little bit cosmic. A little bit retro. Go to this place to relax and pass back in time. A breath of fresh air.

The jukebox.. so old, so nice. We love it!


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