In the search for Dallas best dive bars 2010 – Double Wide

I like it fancy. I like it very fancy. A man who open the doors, a valet on the entrance, a hostess to sit me on a special corner chosen a week before on Open Table. Dive bars DO NOT meet my criteria of fun. Or at least the little I know about dive bars. According to Wikipedia “dive bars generally have a relaxed and informal atmosphere — they are often referred to by local residents as neighborhood bars, where people in the neighborhood gather to drink and socialize. Individual bars may be considered to be disreputable, sinister, or even a detriment to the community.”


I like it fancy. But I can’t resist disreputable, sinister and anything that is a detriment to the community. So here we go: the idea was suggested by my friend in crime Ms Proctor, a Seattle girl, who got a initial list from a friend and has been reworking on it as others contribute with their favorite dive bars in Dallas. I can tell you. Everyone has an opinion on the subject. Some of them  rip out half of the list saying they’re too clean. And clean seems to be definitely detrimental for a dive bar.  So on a friday night, we both met a couple of other friends and drove to a “nasty” part of town, as others consider Deep Ellum.

Wide Open is the first of the dive bars we will be visiting. Fun!

DOUBLE WIDE BY MS PROCTOR (who has a 10.000 times more refined english than I do):
Kitschy goodness abounds at this spacious, multi-area trailer themed bar where patrons sip cans of pabst blue ribbon and shiner. Step inside and you’re surrounded by wood paneling, fish & game trophies and an old cigarette machine. Then, venture outdoors into the gravel filled court yard where rows of toilet seats serve as chairs and add a splash of punk rock.

Ms Proctor self-portrait

To say the least, Double Wide is a breath of fresh air in the Dallas crowd. Oh God, there are no fake blondies with fake boobs and tons of make ups. One or other model-like-skinny-white-strange-dresses, grunges (they still exist), intellectuals and every type of people in their 30’s. You can choose between the bar, the patio or the band area. For two beers and 1 Saphire gin tonic, USD 12. What’s not to love about this place? We sat in a toilet in the patio before moving to a more comfortable spot. We were lucky enough to have men walking back and forth to the bar anytime we needed a drink, but at this point (1AM) the only thing I needed was my bed with no smokers around. I like it early. And dive bar people were just getting started.

Alexal shoes by Ms Proctor. And that's not the restroom!

Girls exercise their creativity on the bathroom wall. Shouldn't they be looking at the mirror only?


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