1. Best new places in Dallas: Meddlesome Moth

Whenever  I hear about a place far from the obvious Mckinney-Knox-Henderson-Greenville, I just can’t wait to try it. Does it have dozens of beers and is one step ahead in the kitchen? Even better. I visited the new arts district bar Meddlesome Moth two times in the last month and I continue to like it!

Meddlesome Moth patio is empty right now, but not for long

The food is not consistent at all, but they have great winners: homemade homus, a hot bread and butter from a local bakery and the classic mussels with butter and wine. I love the fact that 90% of the menu can be shared (like all bars in my hometown country) and that they have beers I’ve never heard about. Just because of that I’m willing to forgive the horrible fish and chips I tried there on wednesday (July 21st). Chef Chad Kelley, go have a bite at the fish & chips served at Hilo Bay Cafe in Hilo, Hawaii. You would be ashamed to serve these mushy version!

The patio with rustic wood common tables still remain empty due to the high temperatures, but I’m pretty sure it will be impossible to get a table there in the next fall. So, head now!

Go there:
1621 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75207


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