Dallas best wine bars 2010

It all started with an email to a couple of friends. I wanted to visit Dallas best wine bars in just one weekend. I could rely on Yelp’s top 8 or my friend’s top 8. Guess what? They’re were almost the same. I tried to reproduce the same experience in all of them: sit, read (I was normally by myself), order “your best white by the glass, please” but I have to confess that in two of them I didn’t even order. Why, if I hated already everything? It’s the only advantage of having a blog instead of a serious career in food critique. Did I learn something? Here we go to my pleasurable weekend:

My favorite before and after this expedition. I love the fact that it’s always almost empty and people rarely go there just to hang out. More of a store than a wine bar. You can order by the glass (opening a tab) or buy a pre-paid card and sip 10 to 15 wines. Had a fantastic chenin blanc from South Africa the other day and I would only wish they had better cheese.
The best: to read and buy bottles.
The crowd: couples buying last minute bottles, middle age reading by themselves, couples and their Ipads.
Address: 3636 McKinney Ave, Dallas

  • Cork on a saturday afternoon.

Bodega Bar – (by James, the owner of the only dog I like in the world)
When you enter their ‘classic’ ambience, you forget that you were steps away of a very urban area of the city. I kind of like that. I felt like the type of place a guy takes a girl on a date: low light, red sofas, romantic. Nice, but not my thing.
The best:
to have an intimate conversation with someone
The crowd: middle-age couples; it was kind of empty on a friday early evening
Address: 4514 Travis St, Dallas

Times 10 Cellars – (by Delphine, the sophisticated french among us all)
Very beautiful house close to the lake. On the day t I visited it was very empty but it didn’t bother me. Except me and my friend, there was just a group of noisy women -almost a pleonasm- on a night out.  I liked the fact that you can order food from nearby restaurants. Their wines were really weak (which Delphine had already adviced) but we had a great time before heading for a dinner at Victor Tango’s.

The best: to go by yourself or with a close group of friends
The crowd:
groups of women and couples
: 6324 Prospect Ave, Dallas

Veritas – (by  Kristin, a crazy hippie who does bikram yoga during 60 days nonstop)
I didn’t expect to like it because it’s in such an ugly strip mall on the Knox-Henderson avenue. But, it was bombing on a saturday afternoon. Mostly because a designer was selling beautiful handmade jewelry; which I tried -and bought- before even looking at the wines. I have my priorities right. I sat, had my usual white (a good one in a big glass) and people watched. I would say -from them all- it was the best spot to be with a group of friends immersed in their big leather sofas. A keeper.
The best: people watching
The crowd:
all types of couples
: 2323 N Henderson Ave

Mercy Wine Bar – (by Luci, the italian hottie that likes to fight with me. Normally, with a reason)
Maybe it was me. Maybe it was my moody friend. We arrived here on a saturday night to meet dozens of couple having a candle light meal with red wine and a live singer while outside was 99F! I felt everything was so fakish european tavern that I left to the nearest Paciugo where I had a decent coconut with dark chocolate. Maybe it was me. Maybe it was my moody friend.  I have to go back with the hottie from above.

The best: to listen to live music while you drink. I guess people like that.
Address: 5100 Belt Line Rd, Dallas

Came in. Came out. I don’t know how it was in the past but I felt it was as tacky as Taco Diner and Mi Cocina just around the corner. Convenient location post movies, but definitely not for that special night.
The best: close to everything
Address: 3699 McKinney Ave

Other places visited: Jimmy’s Food Store is really great to buy italian wines, cheese and prosciutto. Looking for a wine bar, I pass it; Coal Vines: use it to have pizza with the Uptown crowd.


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