A look at FiveSixty

I have mixed feelings about restaurants in hotels, specially if they are revolving and cost more than 20 million dollars. Normally, you get yourself mixed with tons of tourists and its cams, snob hostesses, business guys and the women who hunt them. FiveSixty from Wolfgang Puck is not different. We arrived just before sunset and a had a nice little table. My friend wanted the USD 45 prix-fix menu and I wanted only a USD 19 sashimi appetizer because I wasn’t hungry. Can’t be done, said the maître. You both have to have the prix-fix (USD 90 total) or none of you! I guess he thinks I will jump on my friend’s food (which actually I normally do). I decided to be nice and have the prix-fix and if not able to eat it, take home. To my surprise, his fish would not be the USD 45 menu, but USD 55 (because some plates have USD 10 added to the prix-fix that this not fix!). To my surprise, I was making financial calculations if it was worth it or not to eat 2 plates when I should only be deciding between raw fish or lamb chops. And I hate to think about money when I’m spending it.

After dinner, an expresso at the bar sealed the night as the worst expresso in Dallas. But why do I still think I will be back to FiveSixty? Guess what? 20 million spent in a restaurant really makes a difference.

Reunion Tower
300 Reunion Blvd
Dallas, TX 75207
Neighborhood: Downtown


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