Review: Eyebrow Energy

Kim Edwards knows what type of man you should be dating. Aquarius, in my case.
Kim Edwards knows how to thread your problematic eyebrow to perfection.
Kim Edwards started shaping eyebrow in an Uptown Salon but it took her only a little bit more than an year to realize she needed her own space. And what a space! She rented a big loft in an upcoming uptown area, where she also hosts parties and vernissages for independent artists (painters, designers etc.). The big sectional sofa (photo) takes half of the loft and invites you for a good conversation pre and after service. About the type of man you should be dating, of course.

Wanna try it out? Observe that Kim is a little bit cranky and and reserves the right to say no to any walking in. Appointments only = special treatment.

Eyebrow Energy
4217 Bryan St
Dallas, TX 75204
(713) 397-7183

Can you imagine a place cooler than that to do your eyebrows?

Kim at works

Eyebrow Energy sofa claims a lazy afternoon with the chicks



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5 responses to “Review: Eyebrow Energy

  1. Kim

    WOW, thank you so much for the luv!! SMILE!!!

  2. Ejay Moore

    Love it! Congrats, Kim!

  3. Lindsey

    Love Kim & Eyebrow Energy, She does an amazing job!!!

  4. I love Eye Brow Energy and the energy that Da Space & Kim brings to a normally unpleasant service. She’s good & she’s a breath of fresh air on a trying day.

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