And people say Dallas is boring

My weekends can’t fit all the activities I plan. And I don’t  even have enough time to tell you everything I’ve been doing. Here, in photos, some of my good experiences in the last 7 days.

An NBA Playoff game is exciting. And I love the fact that it’s so organized (compared to games in general in Brazil) and that you can drink wine. Ok, I know that beer suits better. But we’re the wine type of girl.

Tacos El Guero were the BEST tacos I’ve ever had outside of Mexico. And that’s not a small glory. Check it out!

I love the new. I love the old. I started my shopping spree last saturday by checking out the stuff that Alissa Gearing carefully selects for her Re-Finery bazaar. Every six weeks she spreads the word out and gets tons of girls avid for bargains on Jimmy Choo, Saks and other brands. Me and a Elizabeth & James little black dress was love at first sight! Love the colorful belt from below.


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