36 hours in Dallas – weekend 1 of …

I just can’t get enough of Dallas during my weekends! Friday afternoon I’m always very excited about my plans. And they don’t even involve spending a whole afternoon at the beach like my friends and I used to do in South Beach. What a single girl like me can do on a weekend?

I don’t know a lot of people, so I often see myself really alone on a friday night and really not willing to go home. I also try to avoid a pick up bar where I would meet some jerks who think only because I am by myself, I a whore. So, this friday, I dressed nicely and went to Park, one of the best spots in the city for an informal dinner. Sat at the bar and had a glass of wine and meatballs as my starter. Thirty minutes later I have already engaged in a conversation with some interesting people. Well done.

7am – hmm, that wine wasn’t a good idea when I had to bike 40 miles in the morning with the BikeMart guys, was it? Every saturday morning, a bunch of men and some girls bike between 20 to 50 miles around Plano and Richardson. Cool to meet people and stay in shape. After my ride I always stop by Sprouts for some organics. Cheaper than Whole Foods.

1PM – A patio for lunch is always what I aim for. This time, Thomas Avenue Beverage Co followed by dessert at Villa-O, simply the best spot for a lazy afternoon. In front, the Sur La Table store deserves a visit. Always.

4 PM – Dallas always have some art fairs or bazzars happenning on the weekend. Check out D Magazine or Daily Candy. This weekend I had a blast at the Bishop Art District and had to control myself not to buy some expensive (but worth it) scarfs at an argentinian boutique. Tried to drink guarana at The Soda Gallery but they were sold out. The shop itself (photo below) is worth a visit. More than 200 of brand sodas from all over the world.

7PM – Magnolia movie theater has a special place in my heart. Around it, all the mainstream stores (Banana, Gap, Starbucks) and restaurants (Mi Cocina) and dozens of yogurt stores. Skip it and have the real deal at Paciugo italian ice cream.


7AM – As you can see above, I didn’t go out in my saturday night so I could run at the Katy Trail in the morning! After that, 1 hour swim with local triathletes at the DAM Masters Swimming program in the SMU University. This is as active as I can get.

12PM – my favorite brunch on a sunday morning is yet to be discovered. With some friends I made on friday night, went to BuzzBrews Kitchen.  I was not impressed, but only paid USD 15 for a huge mimosa and fresh egg whites omelette. Not bad.

2PM – The Nasher Sculpture Center is small, but I love the space. Have been going there to see art, walk in the garden’s, drink expensive macchiato at their modern cafeteria (photo below). Don’t try to sleep in their Ligne Roset grey sofa. Been there, done that. Security doesn’t like it.

4PM – How about Villa-o again for lazy afternoon? Yeahh, I a mayor now.

8PM – Could go for pizza at Campania, where you can bring your own wine and have really good shit. Chose to cook and end my weekend watching Saraband on Netflix. Ah, the single life…



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2 responses to “36 hours in Dallas – weekend 1 of …

  1. Going to be @ our Houston Office early June. Suggestion of places to eat there?

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