I didn’t even knew I liked cupcakes! Sprinkles, thank you!

In Brazil we bake big cakes that we eat in the afternoon with a cup of fresh coffee. I never understood everyone’s crazyness around cupcakes, which are normally dry if not well prepared. Ah, it’s very easy to fuck them up! This afternoon, after lunch at Chipotle (which will deserve its own post), I headed to Sprinkles Cupcake at Preston Center. I’m glad I did. What an amazing little spot. I had red velvet with vanilla cream and coconut. Beautifully designed, they were soft and fresh (I was lucky!). I only missed them having a good espresso and chairs at the location. But sometimes, we can’t have it all.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
4020 Villanova Dr
Dallas, TX 75334
(214) 369-0004

I love the box mix. Perfect for gifts!

Every cupcake comes in those nice little boxes.

That’s paradise:

My choosen ones: red velvet and coconut. Can’t wait for next trip where I will eat all the different versions of chocolate!


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