I am having a problem with Dallas restaurants specials

I have to confess. I love sales. But I hate it when it comes to my plate. For that reason I’ve always avoided all Miami restaurants on Ocean Drive which have the big signs: “before 7PM, you get 2 by the price of 1”. And then they display the meat with mashed potatoes outside. Oh no. As soon as I see a restaurant having a sales, I normally run far from it. To me, any specials means less quality on your plate and less freshness. In the last three days I’ve been to two restaurants having deals in Dallas. Here we go:

Kona Grill – the USD 3 sushi roll!
Cost food 2 people = USD 17
Would I go back? Not even for free now.

We asked for 2 tuna spicy tuna rolls, 1 salmon roll, 1 chicken satay and 1 vegetarian roll. Seriously? How is it possible to have 1 portion of tuna rolls for 3USD? You bet it was the leftovers tuna with some kind of mayonnese. I could barely recognize the difference between the salmon and the tuna. The vegetarian was good but then the satay… hum, I had no idea what was really inside it. And, if there’s something I’m very worried about is what goes inside my mouth. And I’m scared when you can’t distinguish flavors and textures on any plate. The crowd, while sipping sake mixed with beer, didn’t seem worried about it. Good for them.

Categories: American (New), Sushi Bars
8687 North Central Expressway
North Park Center
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 369-7600

Cost for food: 0USD
Cost for drinks: 11USD for a martini + 5USD for a Pacifico + 20% tip
Cost for valet: 4USD

On Monday nights, dinner is FREE. Get that. You don’t pay for two course meal in a restaurant. It’s still unclear to me where they are putting the mark up because the drinks weren’t more expensive than usual. Maybe splitting the big tips we leave for the waiters (20% on drinks). I was there last night and had a pretty decent organic  lettuce and tomatoes salad + chicken enchiladas. Probably, the worst enchiladas of my life, but they were free. And, this seems to be the only thing people think about during meals time in Dallas: how much money can I save on this meal? Normally, when I want to save, I just eat at home and leave the restaurant for my luxurious entertainment moments when I only care about what’s the best food ever I can get now! Am I being snob? I want to hear you out. Tell me what you think. Interested in getting a free dinner anyways? Follow Trece on Twitter!

Categories: Lounges, Mexican
4513 Travis St
Dallas, TX 75334
(214) 780-1900

For more Dallas dinners deals & specials, check Yelp!


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