Welcome to Dallas! Alexal way

Traveling around the world, when you tell people you are planning on moving to Dallas, their first reaction is to say: “are you crazy?”. They believe Dallas is still the far cowboy place in the middle of US that has nothing but trucks, white man and chunks of barbecue eaters. Ok, they’re all here! But Dallas is changing. Not Austin yet, but here we go on the right path. As little girl who loves shopping, fine organic dining and art, I could not not tell the world what Dallas has to offer! So here we are, celebrating the nicest things in town. I eat, I shop, I live. This is my guide to the cowboy city!

Things you should know upfront and maybe abandon this blog immediately:

1. I’m brazilian and my English sucks! I do appreciate if you send me English tips, though. That’s my first blog in English ever!

2. I hate strip malls and try to avoid restaurants in strips malls. Unless they’re the best chinese on earth.

3. I love restaurants and bars and coffee shops. Can’t wait to go to the new one, can’t wait to go back to the ones I love.

4. You can find me shopping at Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Central Market, Farmers Market or anywhere tagged with the big words: OUTLET, RACK, SALES, OFF!

5. This is MY opinion! Agree? I love you. Disagree? I will get excited.

6. Above I said: I love art. Actually, this is not true. I love shoes.


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